Universal Projector Ceiling Mount

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PM Universal Projector Ceiling Mount Series features :

(1) PM hanger this series is designed for the new generation of LCD / DLP projector designed. 
     Design provides the inspiration;
     Height adjustment can be arbitrary, a built-in follow trunkings, 
     take trunkings hidden in the internal Suspenders;
     Almost all can link hidden in the internal rather than tapping the boom period.
(2) has universal joints can arbitrarily adjust the projection angle. Installation is simple;
     Using aluminium material, pleasing to the eye;
     Or shrinking bar with five different options telescopic scope.
     The next adjustable range : 30o, rotating Scope : 360o. 
     Application of the 90% of the projector.

Technical characteristics :

(1)  Selection sophisticated, robust and reliable;
      Super-compatible, can deploy various angles and length;
(2)  applicable 90% above the projector;
      Universal design, adjustment difficulties.




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